Paint Correction Explained

  What is Paint Correction?
First, lets differentiate between "Detailing" and "Paint Correction".

The term auto detailing can be referred to as the process of transforming your vehicle from the condition it is currently in, into "like new" or "showroom like" condition. This process includes cleaning, washing, light polishing... etc and protecting interior and exterior surfaces to restore the condition of your vehicle and maintain its appearance to increase the longevity of your investment.

The term paint correction is a term used by professional detailers and car enthusiasts to describe a multi step polishing process of removing defects in a painted surface. These defects include minor scratches, holograms, swirl marks, spider webbing, bonded contaminates, oxidation, etc. Basically anything that distorts the reflection of light, making the paint appear dull or less than flawless.

This process is different from "Detailing" because the majority of the time spent is focused on restoring the paint by multiple polishing steps. The end result is very rewarding to the car enthusiast, show car owners, exotic car owners and or anyone looking to get the best possible reflection out of their vehicles paint. The paint correction process is very time consuming and can take upwards of six to eight hours to complete and in some cases even longer. The reward is a truly perfect paint reflection, or a mirror finish. Once the paint correction is completed, it is common to apply a paint coating for the best possible paint protection. A paint coating is a product that is applied like a wax, but last far longer than a wax or sealant. We use a paint coating that last three to five years on daily drivers and up to a lifetime on vehicles that are garage kept and not driven daily. The paint coating is also scratch resistant and more durable than the factory top coat of your paint surface. For more details on our paint coating click here.

Not all paint defects are created equally. So there is no way for us to determine your costs without getting an idea of what we are working with, what is possible, what expectations you as a customer have, what you are looking to achieve and what is appropriate to achieve your expectations.

Before and after paint correction

Like all of our services, this process is performed at your location. The ability to perform a quality paint correction is only acquired through years of experience, hands on training, knowledge of products and knowledge of what the appropriate steps are to achieve a flawless finish, without damaging the paint surface.

If you are interested in this service, please click on the "request a quote" button below. Please include the following details:

  • Include the year, make, model, color and your location
  • Describe the best you can what bothers you about your paint finish
  • What are you looking to achieve out of your paint finish
  • Did you want to include additional services - interior detail etc.
  • Would you like the added protection of a paint coating
  • Please feel free to attach as many photos as you like so that I can more accurately quote you a price

If you would like me to come out and evaluate your vehicle in person, I can also do that for you, however realize that your wait time may vary depending on our current availability.





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